Top Ten Ways to Celebrate a Snow Day

So I’ve got some drafts in my post cue that are pretty heavy and I’ve posted some fairly heavy stuff so far.  Today I’m making my weekly post light like my burdens 🙂  Your dear old mom isn’t all serious.

We’ve had two great snow days and they’ve been exceptionally relaxed and lazy.  God is so good!  This got me thinking about my favorite snow days and just what kinds of activities I’ve enjoyed on a snow day, both as a kid and an adult.  And because I’m just sure one day you’ll whine, “there’s nothing to do” whether it be in response to a snow day or not, I thought I’d create a complete top ten of things to do on a snowy day or otherwise activity free day.

  1. Drink hot chocolate, tea, cappuccino, or other hot beverage.  It warms you up and just makes your day brighter.  I actually say this is the number one way to cure any grumpiness, exhaustion, or ache on any cold day, but it’s especially important to do on a snowy day!
  2. Stay in your jams.  Pajama days are few and far between.  Relish the time when you can get away with doing everything in flannel pants,
  3. Read a good book in bed under several comfy blankets.  Bury yourself in a blanket fort and read.  You’ll be warm inside, but your mind will be on an adventure.
  4. View your favorite movie series again.  Undoubtedly you have done this with me.  A snowy day is a great time for a movie marathon.  Here are my top picks:  LOTR (director’s cuts if you can get them), Die Hard (first 3 are essential, but if you can watch all 5, cool), Harry Potter (watching 8 movies in a day is crazy, reserve this for that time when you have a blizzard), Star Wars (only the original 3 or I disown you…kid, I kid, or do I?), Ocean’s Eleven series, Band of Brothers (again, as with HP, this is hard to do in a day), and The Matrix trilogy.
  5. Build a snowman.  This is a classic, but is reserved for a special type of snow.  You can make a snowman, with work, out of any snowfall, but it is best to wait for those with good, wet, packing snow.  It’s also best if you have more than 5 inches or else the snowman gets muddy and full of dead grass.
  6. Sled.  I love sledding.  I haven’t gotten to do this in at least 10 years, but it is super fun.  Bundle up, get a good sled, and travel to a good hill if you have to!
  7. Make a hearty stew and bread.  Eat!  Nothing makes the day fly by like chopping veggies and cooking up a good stew.  Baking bread is also a time-suck worth having.  If you’re forced to shovel and you want a way to feel better about it, this is it.  My favorite snowy stew would be Irish Stew.  Favorite bread?  A French Baguette.
  8. Build with legos.  I don’t care what age you are, this is just good plan fun.  Create a city and some awesome cars.  Let your most creative side go and get to work!  Hours will seem like minutes.
  9. Build a blanket fort.  Forts are awesome and one made of blankets is even cooler.  Drag a book inside and you’ll have put together two of my favorite things.  Your oldest brother builds some of the best forts ever.
  10. Make snow-related treats.  Dad makes “snow cones” which are nothing short of sugary milk and are phenomenal!!!  We’ve made some traditional snow cones out of snow and we’ve made maple sugar candy.  All of it is fun, tasty, and feels magical in a way.  Try it and see.

Well, that’s all I got!  Hope you enjoy these snow tips sometime soon.  I hope you’ll have some fond memories of me doing these things with you.


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