My Why

So I’ve been reading blogs for about two years now and thinking:  should/could I do this?  I’ve wondered as I drove the kids about, them silently snoozing in the van, me pondering what my post of the day would look like.

My blog took on all sorts of forms in these last two years.  Still, as with many of the things in my life, I talked myself out of it and fed my negative self-esteem.  Why would anyone want to read me?  Wasn’t it a tad narcissistic to blog?  Really, what could I offer to someone that wasn’t already out there?

Over time, I’ve tried to answer these questions and my blog has been this nebulous “some day” sort of space with no real focus or point.  A place I might blog about the traffic, political angst, my faith, or my family.  That just wasn’t good enough.  I was struck with the infamous quote, “Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence.”  It was brought home to me by one blogger I’ve periodically followed when he talked about finding your why.  You can see the date on the post and realize, I’ve been marinating on it for awhile.

Then, shortly after what will probably go down in the NFPfamily book as “the worst Christmas ever” (said meaning I hope we never have another that bad), I figured out my why.  And here it is:  I’m here for my family and that family, though started in the eyes of many long before, truly started with NFP (in this case Natural Family Planning), and continues to grow from that.  So my blog is for my family, in honor of my family, and in hopes that our NFPlife can inspire others.  I plan to talk about it all in hopes that one day my kiddos will get to read a piece of their mama they may not have seen.  The icing on that cake will be if it inspires them or anyone else to try the life we lead.

Though imperfect, I desire to do A.M.D.G.  I can’t promise this blog will be perfect or even good, but it will be honest and it will be spoken in hopes of improving the silence.


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